“My macbook was running slow and I called Nelson to see what some options were. He came out to my home office free of charge to take a look. A new hard drive was needed and Nelson gave me a great recommendation of what exactly to get. After I purchased this drive, he returned to my house at 11 am on a Friday and by 6 pm, he was knocking on my door with my updated laptop. You just can’t get this level of service at any of the local computer repair stores. Trust me, I went to two of them and was looking at a 1 to 2 week period where they would have my laptop sitting on a shelf for a 2-hour repair. I can’t be without my computer for 2 days let alone 2 weeks! I was also impressed by how affordable Nelson’s services were. I highly recommend Nelson’s services.”

Ryan J, Exeter, NH

I have an iMac and I recently experienced the “white screen of death.”  Having never backed up my data (yes, I know better now), I panicked and considered bringing my computer to the GEEKs. However, while doing my research into possible fixes that I could do myself, I came across Nelson and decided to contact him. That was the best thing I could have done! He came to my house the next day and got right to work installing a new hard drive and retrieving my data from the old hard drive. Not only is my data safe now, but my computer is also running faster. I also saved time and money (and my data!) compared to sending it to the GEEKs (you can save 15% or more on computer repair by switching to Nelson – haha).

In short, Nelson was personable, professional, efficient, honest, patient, capable, and very knowledgeable. He is a shining gem in a business of otherwise shady rip-off artists. I highly recommend his services to anyone experiencing issues with their computers.

Thank you, Nelson!

Tom J.

Nelson found and provided guidance to correct a big bottleneck in a server hardware configuration before it went into production. This saved my company from making a significant mistake.  Nelson is professional, candid and honest and works efficiently and with precision.  Highly recommended!

Mark C.


Have been shopping local in the Seacoast for locally owned computer services for 20 years. Ran across Nelson Ashberger in January. What a unique find! I dropped off my desktop to him and within 24 hours he had it working. Problems solved and computer has never worked so well. Nelson is in a league of his own for friendly, professional and straightforward solutions.
My recommendation- www.nelsonscomputerhelp.com

-Frank P.


Nelson Ashberger is just excellent in service, reliability, price, expertise, and customer relations. On a recent Saturday morning, my computer was unresponsive. It would not boot despite the many troubleshooting tips I attempted. Documents on it needed to be filed Monday morning and I had no hard copies. Nelson was a lifesaver!  Although my hard drive was gasping its last breath, he worked through the weekend and retrieved my data. He also helped me select a new computer, advising me on all aspects of making this decision.  He set it up, configuring and transferring my data to it, thus saving me time and eliminating any stress related to such a task.  His skills, positive attitude and friendly personality make Nelson my go-to computer guy.  I highly recommend his services.

-Donna S.


My friend Nelson is my IT guy. Comes to the house, goes computer shopping with me, doesn’t laugh at me when I ask dumb questions. I could go on and on.

-Ronnie T.


To fellow compatriots with Personal Computer (PC) issues.

Yes that small device that packs an enormous capacity of computer power can be a pain at times. I have lived in the world of computing for years and I still get discombobulated by the complexity of the personal system.

I was introduced to Nelson when I had my first issue with a virus. Through his outstanding service my issue and subsequent issues have always been resolved in a timely fashion. Nelson is the absolute professional when it comes to the server and PC world. He is very timely in responding to your call for assistance, he shows up on time, resolves the problem in a timely fashion responding to ones anxiety. He has a positive attitude when assisting you and a smile on his face for confidence. His demeanor is one of discussing the issue and recommending a course of action in a manner understandable to a layman.

Nelson is extremely knowledgeable in the technology of diverse hardware and software platforms. He is current in various security technologies and the various products that support those technologies.

Nelson, during his time for problem resolution, will also make recommendations on how to enhance and better protect your system from outside access. He will make suggestions for performance enhancements to allow your system to perform better: I value his recommendations and I have seen faster system response.

His recommendations are sound and he is very reasonable with his cost structure. Follow-on dialogues are not an issue with Nelson, calls and e-mails to him are returned in a timely manner.

If I was not retired and still managing in the Information Technology environment, I would have Nelson on my staff.

Please give him a call on your next PC issue, you can’t go wrong.

-Andy D.


Nelson’s amazing knowledge base is indispensable for maintaining my IT life. His communication is clear, he’s a trustworthy pleasure to work with, and now, he can even offer services remotely when I’m an ocean away.

-Phyllis R.


I have used Nelson for awhile now.  He manages to repair all the things I do to my computer.  Leaves it better than new.  Nelson went through a new HP laptop my wife bought that was running so poorly I wanted to return it.  It has been wonderful ever since.  I like using Nelson for his good work ethic as well as his devotion to a good job.  He fees are reasonable and fair.  Best of all he comes to me.

-Dominique M.


Nelson is a friend of ours and has often helped us with our computers. (We are an all Apple projects household, but he has worked professionally with PCs.) He came over this past week and upgraded my MacBook Pro, installing RAM (it had 2 GB and now has 4GB), cleaned the insides while it was open, updated the OS from 10.5.8 to 10.6.8 (I’m not going higher for now because I’ll have to buy a new MS Office edition if I do, which he knew and thus saved me from making that mistake), then updated some of my software and my browser to match the higher OS, and generally gave me some advice and tips, for example about the Time Machine backup and full backup that I did before installing the new OS. He also helped my husband with backing up his older G4 desk model. Nelson owns and uses a Mac, so he’s great with them, but he’s always worked professionally with PCs, so he’s very qualified with those.

-Diane B.


About two years ago, my sluggish old laptop was badly in need of a tune-up.  I was 1200 miles from my Montana home in Yuma, Arizona, and didn’t know anyone I felt I could trust to work on the old beast.  Nelson had done a good job on my computers before, so I called him and asked if I could send him the laptop and have him work on it.  He went one better and instructed me to load connection software onto my machine, then turn control of the laptop over to him.   In a few hours, he had my machine running like new from across the US.  I’m still running that computer today and it’s doing great!  I’d recommend Nelson to anyone who needs reliable, cost-effective computer service!

-Judy W.


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